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Counselling, career guidance for children , students to select the right career, job, profession and aspiring entrepreneurs
Free counselling, career guidance available for students from an experienced engineer, who has worked with the largest engineering company in India and has been subjected to impersonation attempts by her jealous dishonest powerful classmates who falsely claim that an inexperienced cheater diploma holder, mediocre bsc, cheater houswife nayanshree hathwar from bangalore have her experience, qualification, investment, knowledge, skills, work ethic,
The counselling, career guidance will be extremely helpful for students who are
1. not well connected
2.not brahmins or upper caste, especially OBC
3. want to start a business, especially in the internet sector
4. study engineering
5. academically brilliant
The mainstream media in India will rarely tell the real story of the high levels of corruption, greed, human rights abuses, double standards, lack of humanity, morals, of some of the most powerful and respectable officials in indian society , who are quick to criticize innocent people, but lack the honesty to admit their great frauds, defamation, cheating and exploitation on an innocent harmless person to ruin her life or offer to compensate her for the great damage they have caused.
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