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Currently offline homework help available only for students from the following area around panaji, tiswadi, goa, india
St Inez
One free session of homework help provided on a trial basis, to deserving student who will contact. Basic computer and internet classes can also be provided for women in the area.The area of coverage will be increased over a period of time, as more resources are devoted, and the owners can exit their current business, where the conditions are extremely hostile and unfair to hardworking honest innocent, academically brilliant and harmless people, due to the wastage of indian tax payer money to harass academically brilliant people out of jealousy, hatred and casteism
Online or Email help can be provided to any student from any part of the world.For email/online help, some advance payment may have to be provided for complex project help. Detailed information about the project, subject, coverage will have to be provided so that assistance to the student can be provided.
Free homework help will be provided to economically backward, underprivileged students especially girls who cannot afford to pay tuition fee. Any NGO or non profit organization working with economically backward students can also contact for help for their wards who cannot afford expensive personalized attention
For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to or or