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Homework help available for school, higher secondary, engineering college student online and offline
3. Chemistry
4. English
5. Telecommunication engineering
6. Electrical engineering
7. Microwave and optical fiber
8. Industrial/home automation or related project
9. Computer and internet usage, webhosting
Often children find it difficult to do their homework especially for complex projects, when their parent will not be well educated,or are too busy with their work,to spend much time with the child. Homework help can be provided on a weekly, monthly or project wise basis depending on the requirement of student, time available, and budget. A barter arrangement can also be considered for students who cannot afford to pay the homework help fees.
Specifically interested in homework help for microwave related projects as the webmaster has been subjected to the most terrific human right abuses wasting indian tax payer money , expensive government equipment out of hatred, jealousy using sophisticated microwave weapons to cause her great pain, headache, memory loss, insomnia, and has got AA grade in microwaves during her final year in a top engineering college in India
Course information/text books will be needed for homework help. For any other subject or project help, please contact at websites(at) useful.in or info@textads.in

For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to info@epc.in, websites@useful.in or info@textads.in

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